The Vicidial Group offers two lines of VICIdial certified hardware. Our hardware lines are capable of meeting the needs of just about any size call center, functioning as an automated or manual outbound telephone dialer with inbound phone call handling as well as inbound email and website customer chat handling. They can accommodate centers from the small two man office all the way to the thousand seat contact center.

SMB Hardware
Our SMB (Small to Medium Business) series is designed for small to medium contact centers. It is built with high quality hardware and comes in two form factors to fit just about any sized office. It can usually accommodate up to twenty five(25) outbound agents or forty(40) inbound agents.

Enterprise Hardware
Our Enterprise series is designed for large contact centers or for centers where high capacity and high availability is key. It is built with enterprise grade hardware and packaged in standard rack mountable cases. It can accommodate up to one thousand(1,000) outbound agents or fifteen hundred(1,500) inbound agents.

The Vicidial Group also offers a full line of accessories that work with VICIdial systems. This includes T1 interface cards, codec compression cards, channel banks and USB/PCIexpress timing devices.