Remote Installations:

VICIdial can be tricky to install and configure, especially in a multi-server cluster. Even highly trained Linux and Asterisk consultants at times have difficulty getting it to function correct. Why spend weeks trying to configure a system when the Vicidial Group's highly trained technicians can install VICIdial on your hardware remotely in a matter of a few days.

The Vicidial Group's technicians have done remote installations of VICIdial all over the world. From Italy to Peru, Pakistan to Britain, the Vicidial Group can install where ever there is a permanent internet connection.

With our remote installation service, our technicians will talk you through letting them log into your system. From there they will download and install all of the various components that make up VICIdial and configure them properly. They will then bring the system into a production ready state. This means that your agents will be able to log into the system, and it will be able to place calls out through your telephone provider.

Our remote installations come with five hours of configuration support. This support can be used for just about anything. Our technicians can assist you with setting up user account, campaigns, lists, in-groups, etc. They can also help you to diagnosing network or provider issues. In addition you will get a copy of the high quality Agent and Manager manuals for your own purposes.

Not sure how to install the base operating? Our technicians can provide you with a document that explains how to install and configure OpenSuSE Linux in server mode. OpenSuSE Linux has proven to us to be a very stable and reliable Linux distribution for use with VICIdialL. For a full list of recommended Linux distributions please check

Our pricing for a remote installation of VICIdial is $2500 USD for the first server and $1500 USD for each additional server. For more information about our remote installation service please contact us.