Partners and Resellers

VICIdial is a very extensive software suite with hundreds of options, and tens of thousands of lines of code. Depending on your specific application a little misconfiguration might go completely unnoticed, or bring your system to a screeching halt. Comparable software packages usually require in depth training of the users, or at least the managers and administrators. Some vendors might even require you to buy training with their products, just to make sure that you will be able to successfully use them. The Vicidial Group does not require you to buy training; however we are sure that that a proper setup and a training focused on the best use of the system will greatly improve your systems performance.

While VICIdial offers you a graphical configuration for your everyday needs, some more complex changes require you to use the command line, which not all people are comfortable with. In this case it is a good idea get a consultant to take care of these needs for you.

Choosing the right professional to help you with your VICIdial installation might be the most important step in a successful implementation of VICIdial. Since VICIdial is freely available, everyone is free and welcome to install VICIdial on their own. The Vicidial Group and many of its partners can offer help with installing and configuring your VICIdial System. However there are a number companies and independent consultants that will call themselves "VICIdial experts" even though they do not have the required knowledge.

As everyone will understand, not all resellers, consultants, or solution providers are equal. While some people suggest that "You get what you pay for," price should not be your guiding factor. We know of very expensive consultants that will take advantage of their customers, as well as moderately priced consultants that do a reasonable job. A lot of "consultants" that are just now getting into the VICIdial business will underestimate the knowledge, attention for detail, and work it takes to correctly setup and configure a system. These consultants will mostly underbid each other for jobs, and usually deliver only partially working systems. In rare circumstances they might even deliver a system that does not work at all.

The VICIdial Partner Program

In an effort to assure a better and more consistent quality for the users of VICIdial, we have started the VICIdial Partner Program. The VICIdial Partner Program is a means for you the customer to ensure that you have a well trained VICIdial consulting assisting you with your VICIdial Installation. It also provides a means for you as the customer to take action against consultants who do not live up to their agreements with you.

The VICIdial Partner Program is broken down into two groups, Resellers and Partners.

VICIdial Resellers:
VICIdial Resellers are companies that resell the Vicidial Group's hardware and services. They have training in system planning and basic operation of VICIdial. Resellers are able to take your requirements and turn them into an acceptable VICIdial solution. They can assist you with the basic configuration of your VICIdial system as well. Resellers also have access to the Vicidial Group's highly trained Sales Engineers to assist with those difficult questions you may have. And if you have technical issues, VICIdial Resellers can get you in touch with one of the Vicidial Group's support technicians.

VICIdial Partners:
VICIdial Partners are companies that are certified in the technical aspects of VICIdial. They are trained on proper installation and configuration, as well as providing technical support. Partners provide their own VICIdial services to their customers. Partners also provide first level technical support to their customer. If need be VICIdial Partners can escalate support issues to the Vicidial Group, and have priority access to technical support. Some VICIdial Partners are even able to provide customization services to their customers that are certified by the Vicidial Group.

If you ever have a problem with a VICIdial Partner or Reseller, please contact us and let us know. The Vicidial Group wants to ensure that our Resellers and Partners are providing top notch services to their customers. We will do our best to clear up any issue that you have, even if it means fixing the issue ourselves.