Vicidial Partner Program

The Vicidial Partner Program was created to ensure a better and more consistent user experience for the VICIdial community as a whole. If a consultant poorly implements a VICIdial system thier mistakes affect the consultant community as a whole. Their customer may report in blogs, forums, news letters, and the like that VICIdial is not capable of performing the tasks that it can do quite easily just because it did not work for them. By providing a certification program to ensure that those people looking to sell VICIdial services, the Vicidial Group hopes to decrease the number of improper installations and dissatisfied users. The Vicidial Partner Program is broken down into two groups, Resellers and Partners.

Vicidial Resellers are companies that resell the Vicidial Group's hardware and services. They have training in system planning and basic operation of VICIdial. Resellers are able to take customer requirements and turn them into an acceptable Vicidial solution. They can assist customers with the basic configuration of their VICIdial system as well. Resellers also have access to the Vicidial Group's highly trained Sales Engineers to assist with difficult customer questions.

Vicidial Partners are companies that are certified in the technical aspects of VICIdial. They provide their own VICIdial services to their customers. They are trained on proper installation and configuration, as well as providing technical support. Partners also provide first level technical support to their customer. Vicidial Partners can even able to provide customization services to their customers and get these services certified by the Vicidial Group.

There are other benefits to the Vicidial Partner Program depending on if you become a Reseller or a Partner.


  • Access to the Vicidial Partner Download Center.
  • Limited use of the Vicidial trademark (with approval).
  • 10% commision on the initial sale.
  • Listing on the Vicidial Groups website.
  • Access to priority support from the Vicidial Group.


  • All Reseller benefits.
  • Use of the Vicidial trademark (with approval).
  • Subcontract the Vicidial Group.
  • Discounts on training.
  • Referrals from the Vicidial Group for customers that request a local consultant.

For more information on becoming a Reseller or a Partner please contact us.