The Vicidial Group offers a wide range of support solutions to fit just about any business need. Support plans are available in a wide range of options including 24x7 emergency support. You also have the option to only pay for the services that you require on a pay as you go plan.

We can help assist you with your support needs outside of VICIdial as well. We have experienced industry professionals that can help you with Asterisk, general Linux support, network services, customized programming, and numerous other areas requiring tech savvy know-how to get things done.

Let us help get you back up and running.

Installation support

Installation support is available in as little or as much help as you desire. Our experienced technicians can help you from the initial operating system install all the way through to your first dial. We are even available after hours to fit your unique needs through a supported service plan.

VICIdial is a unique and complex compilation of software with many intricate pieces. Due to the high level of integration, any misconfiguration or oversights during the installation process can be nigh impossible to diagnose without the proper tools and experience. For best results we highly recommend that you follow our Scratch Install using the methods and software suggested.

Our installation support line is available during our regular business hours of Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm eastern standard time.

Configuration Support

Configuration and tuning of a system in order to optimize it's effectiveness is a skill acquired through years of experience and training. Our configuration support is designed to help reduce this learning curve and allow a greater understanding of how all the features of the dialer work. Configuration support is offered for optimizing dialing patterns, campaign management, archive control, lead management, and many other aspects of VICIdial.

This level of support is designed to be a valuable resource tool for your Linux/IT support staff. If you would rather the Vicidial Group maintain your dialer then you may purchase a support plan designed to fit your needs. Customers that already have an active support plan will receive pro-rated 24x7 configuration support unless you purchased 24x7 premium support on your plan.

Many basic configuration questions can be answered through the VICIdial Manager's Manual. While we offer a free sample manual for download we recommend that you purchase the full VICIdial Manager's Manual for detailed explanations and a complete reference. The full VICIdial Manager's Manual is included with the purchase of a dialer or remote installation and is available as a direct download.

Emergency Support

Emergency support is usually prioritized over any other support of same or lower level. Emergency support is provided 24x7. Response time can vary based on workload and your service plan level if you have one.

If you need guaranteed response times you will want to sign up for a service contract.

If you do not have a service plan that covers the time when you are calling you can pay a jump-charge to receive immediate assistance. The jump-charge is based on the number of servers with VICIdial that you have installed and the time of call.

Getting Support

For emergency support please call one of our main numbers and choose the support option as this is the quickest way to reach a VICIdial Support Specialist. Our main numbers are +1-888-894-VICI (8424) or +1-863-393-9330. If you are an existing customer and you need non emergency support you should have been given login credentials to our online support ticketing system. Please open a ticket and a VICIdial Support Specialist will be in contact with you as soon as possible. If you are not an existing customer and are in need of support or are interested in getting a support plan please contact us.

There is also free support available from the VICIdial forums, and there is quite a bit of useful information in the VICIdialWiki. If you think you have found a bug with VICIdial or you have a feature request submit it to our tracker.


Many questions that our customers ask have answers readily available in the VICIdial Manuals. There are two manuals available, one for the agent interface, and one for the admin interface. Both manuals are provided by our partner company and are available here.

Remote Support

If you need remote support and have been instructed to do so by a ViciDial Technician, Please click HERE for a remote support session.