The Vicidial Group is committed to providing proper training around the VICIdial call center suite to ensure that our customers get the most out of their system.

Formal Training

Formal VICIdial Training is currently handled by our partner company has manuals for both the agent interface as well as the admin interface. also offers public training courses. They have a manager training course where they explain the many options in the manager interface. They have an administrator training course where they explain installation and configuration of Vicidial as well as trouble shooting. They even offer an expert training course where participants can submit topics in advance and they will be explained in detail. also offers onsite training courses. They will send one of their expert trainers to your location. They will cover any of the other training course and do so in a manor that is specfic to your installation. Contact them for a quote.

Online Walkthroughs

The Vicidial Group has several online walkthroughs available, and more will be added in time.