Systems Integration

VICIdial can be easily integrated with a wide variety of products, from CRM applications to special reporting tools and even complex ERP systems. Because of VICIdial’s open source nature all of the source code for it is included with an installation. This greatly helps with the integration process, but sometimes you either do not have the resources or the expertise to do it yourself. That is where the Vicidial Group’s integration service comes in.

The Vicidial Group’s development team has successfully integrated VICIdial with dozens of applications for our customers. Some of these integrations have made it into the VICIdial code base, including things like QueueMetrics reporting integration. While others have been maintained by the customers themselves.

Do you have a custom built solution that needs to function hand in hand with VICIdial? The Vicidial Group can assist your developers with this integration, greatly speeding the process along. We can help your developers avoid pitfalls, as well as make suggestions that will save them time and frustration.

To find out more about our integration service or to get a quote please contact us.