T1/E1 interface cards –
The Vicidial Group offers high quality Sangoma and Digium T1/E1 interface cards which allow Vicidial to connect to channel banks as well as TDM phone lines.

VoiceTime USB and PCIexpress timing modules –
VICIdial requires a highly accurate timing source to keep everything in sync at medium to high system loads. Originally, this timing was provided by a T1/E1 interface card, but in VoIP applications this is usually left out. To get around this, VICIdial would to have to rely on the motherboards real time clock which is not very accurate under higher loads. This is no longer the case thanks to Amfeltec’s USB and PCIexpress timing modules. These devices are physical timing sources that are attached through either a USB port or a PCIexpress x1 port on the server.

Channel Banks
Channel banks allow you to connect regular analog telephones up to VICIdial through a T1 port. Channel banks are very reliable and have no audio compression. Couple this with the ability to use inexpensive phones that you can source locally, and channel banks offer some of the lowest, long term pricing for connecting your agents. This is especially true in environments where the agents tend to be more destructive to their equipment.

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