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QueueMetrics is a third-party reporting package that allows you to visualize call center activities in several different ways.

VICIdial fully integrates with the QueueMetrics statistical analysis package through it’s ability to log calls and agent activity to a queue_log table in a MySQL database.

Functionality includes logging of inbound, outbound and manual dial phone calls, agent login, logout and pause codes, as well as the queue activity of phone calls and whether they entered the system through a DID or IVR. Also, through some additional configuration, the QueueMetrics live monitoring and recording retrieval can also work with VICIdial.

For more information on QueueMetrics, please contact us.

As of QueueMetrics version 21 (April 2021) and VICIdial version 2.14-854a, VICIdial will no longer actively support newer QueueMetrics versions’ newer features.

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