Sangoma Call Progress Analysis

Sangoma Lyra Answering Machine Detection

Sangoma Lyra Answering Machine Detection

NOTE: Sangoma stopped selling their Lyra product in 2017. If you have a valid Lyra license for your server, it will still work with VICIdial, but you can no longer purchase new licenses at this point.

VICIdial is integrated with the Sangoma/ParaXip CPD SIP gateway. This product is a proprietary Answering machine/Fax machine/Pre-Answer call progress detection engine that claims up to 95% accuracy in very fast detection of humans and machines on calls.

Your system administrator must set up the CPD software as well as patch Asterisk for this software to work(If you installed a ViciBox image then your system is already patched for CPD compatibility).

Once it is set up, you can activate this on a per-campaign basis using the “CPD AMD Action” option in the Campaign Detail screen, you enable this setting either by setting it to DISPO which will disposition the call as (AA for Answering Machine or AFAX for Fax Machine) and hang it up if the call is being processed and has not been sent to an agent yet or by setting it to MESSAGE which will send the call to the defined Answering Machine Message for this campaign.

The CPD has the added benefit of lowering the Dropped/Answered percentage by identifying potentially dropped calls as not Human, meaning that you can exclude them from the results yielding a lower drop percentage.

One other added benefit is the ability to more accurately classify Pre-Answer call progress information like SIT tones and more detailed grouping of Disconnects and Congestion, which Asterisk is not capable of providing. This can give you a much more accurate picture of the status of your leads.

Sangoma CPD works as a SIP proxy server, and it works best on a separate machine from a VICIdial installation. For scaling, it is best to limit a CPD server to 200 concurrent outbound calls on a single quad-core CPU system.

For more information on the Sangoma CPD, contact us.

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