KHOMP Answering Machine Detection

Vicidial has partnered with KHOMP to provide an advanced call classification capabilities. By placing calls to your carrier through a properly configured KHOMP gateway, Vicidial is able to query the KHOMP gateway about the call and take the appropriate actions for it.

How it works:

Vicidial sends a SIP Invite to the KHOMP Gateway. Vicidial adds an X-HEADER to this SIP Invite with a tracking field and id. The KHOMP Gateway then uses its own routing system to forward this SIP Invite onto your carrier(s). If the carrier returns a 200 OK, the KHOMP Gateway does not immediately the 200 OK to the Vicidial server. Instead it starts running audio analysis on the incoming audio from the carrier. If it determines that the call is worth routing to Vicidial it will send Vicidial the 200 OK for the call and redirect the audio stream to Vicidial. Upon receiving this 200 OK Vicidial will send the call into the outbound routing engine. The routing engine then issues an API call to the KHOMP Gateway. This API call returns all the data the KHOMP Gateway had collected about the call. It is specifically looking for the “Conclusion” the KHOMP Gateway came to and the “Pattern” it used to come to that conclusion. Vicidial looks up the “Conclusion” and “Pattern” and takes the appropriate action.

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