VICIdial is used in many different industries and organizations

VICIdial is used by many different organizations

You can find VICIdial in use at thousands of different companies and organizations all over the world. From a bank in Japan to a social club in the United States, all sorts of organizations trust VICIdial to communicate with their customers and members.

Here is a small list of how organizations are using VICIdial on a daily basis to help get business done:

  • Inbound customer service and sales calls for small to medium size business
  • Hospital patients post-checkout survey
  • Local social club broadcasting to members
  • Doctor’s office patient contact management: inbound/outbound/email
  • School district broadcast messages and parent response IVRs
  • Home visit nursing company, nurse visit logging and patient contact inbound/outbound
  • Rehabilitation facilities 24/7 crisis hotline
  • Political polling
  • Emergency response call center, operating 24/7 and taking 911 emergency calls
  • Fortune 500 insurance company sales agents territory-dialing clients in specific states
  • Debt collections, inbound/outbound
  • Phone call logging and redirection for lead management company (10,000+ DIDs)
  • Infomercial sales and service, shipping and order management IVR
  • Bank customer service call center
  • Newspaper circulation service and sales
  • Utility company sales, service and automated billing IVR

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