ViciDial partners with RankMiner and its “Customer Insight” & “Agent Insight” products to increase Call Center effectiveness.

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ViciDial partners with RankMiner and its “Customer Insight” & “Agent Insight” products to increase Call Center effectiveness.

First ViciDial client realized a 41% increase in close rates.

Key Facts:

  • First ViciDial client chose RankMiner to increase profits and accelerate cash flow.
  • RankMiner’s Predictive Analytics platform helps improve agent performance and identify customers most likely to close.
  • ViciDial’s first client realized a 41% increase in close rates on their outbound calls using RankMiner.

Saint Petersburg, FL March 15, 2016- As the leading open source contact center solution provider, St. Petersburg based ViciDial, selected RankMiner Predictive Analytics, the premier predictive voice analytics solution provider, to help ViciDial’s clients better compete in today’s markets.

ViciDial’s progressive management recognized the importance of emerging technologies to support the organization’s effort to remain an industry leader. With RankMiner, ViciDial is using predictive analytics to help clients on its ViciHost hosted platform gain and maintain a competitive advantage.

“Our first ViciHost client to use RankMiner’s Predictive Voice Analytics software experienced a 41% increase in sales. They had experienced so much success with RankMiner that they shifted all of their outbound sales campaigns to run through the software,” says Matt Florell, CEO, the ViciDial Group.

RankMiner’s Predictive Voice Analytics software analyzes specific vocal features of prospects during conversations to assess their emotional behavior and create a prediction of future behaviors based on this assessment. Clients using RankMiner are able to systematically improve their agents’ performance and accelerate their cash flow using the software.

“We’re really excited to welcome ViciDial as a partner. We know the success they have already experienced is just a piece of what’s to come,” says Preston Faykus, Founder & CEO RankMiner.

About ViciDial
ViciDial is the most popular Open-Source Contact Center Solution in the world, with over 14,000 new system installations in over 100 countries in just the last 18 months. The software can blend inbound and outbound phone call handling, as well as inbound email and customer website chats, all handled through the same agent screen(which is available in 16 different languages). ViciHost is the official hosted and managed solution for ViciDial, which allows customers to use a private cloud of dedicated, custom-built ViciDial servers, with extra services not available on the ViciDial Open-Source platform.

About RankMiner
RankMiner is a leading pioneer in the field of predictive voice analytics. RankMiner’s products use patented technology to analyze the emotional behavior and tone of speakers in a conversation. They create predictive models of future behavior enabling RankMiner’s customers to improve conversion rates, operational effectiveness and agent performance.


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