The VICIdial mobile apps for Android and iOS

We have released VICIdial Manager Reporting mobile apps for both the Android and Apple iOS mobile device smartphone platforms.

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VicidialMobile IOS support

Getting Started

  • Once VicidialMobile is installed on your device, upon opening it you’ll see a black screen giving instructions on the proper way to configure it depending on the type of mobile device you’re using. For Android apps, once you have VicidialMobile open all you need to do is tap the ellipses icon in the upper-right hand corner, then tap Settings to be taken to the screen where you configure VicidialMobile to point at your Vicidial installation using the domain and a valid user account from the dialer. For iOS devices, you must temporarily exit out of VicidialMobile and go to the Settings app on your device. At the bottom of the Settings menu you should see “VicidialMobile” as an option, and tapping on that will bring up the configuration options. Like with the Android version, you need to provide the domain on which your Vicidial installation resides, along with a valid user account from the dialer.

Available realtime reports

  • The below four reports are all “snapshot” reports available on the main page. If you want to refresh them, tap the “Admin” button at the top center of the page.

    • Current agent/call counts – Shows the number of agents logged in, paused, in-call, and waiting. Also shows active calls and calls ringing

    • Campaign hourly call counts – A line graph showing both the number of outbound calls (refer to the left-hand y-axis) and inbound calls (right-hand y-axis) for the current day.

    • System summary – Total active and inactive counts of users, campaigns, lists, ingroups, and DIDs

    • Total stats – Call and agent counts for the current and previous days.

  • Agent sales report – A report that gives a quick ranked count, in table or graph form, of agent performance in terms of call volume, sale volume, or conversion (percent of calls resulting in sales). The report refreshes automatically at a set user-defined interval and can be sorted in multiple ways.

  • Real-time main report – A streamlined mobile version of live real-time stats for the VICIDIAL Auto-Dialer all servers. This differs from the standard interface in that the call info and agent info are separate displays that can be toggled by the user via a simple button press.

  • Real-time campaign summary – A mobile version of summary report for all campaigns live real-time stats for the VICIDIAL Auto-Dialer all servers

  • Real-time whiteboard report – A mobile version of a real-time report that allows users to create a customized, graphical display of various data sets

Available agent reports

  • Agent performance detail – Shows a breakdown by agent of call counts, statuses, and various time intervals based on the user-defined criteria. Can be displayed as either plain text or HTML.

  • Team performance detail – Same as the agent performance detail, but by user group instead of agent.

If you have any additional questions or issues, please email Thank you!

Expanding VicidialMobile

  • Vicidial is a free, open-source piece of software. If you’re interested in having a specific report created for the mobile app (or any additions or customizations to Vicidial in general), please send a request to with a detailed explanation of what you’re seeking and someone will respond with a quote for development. Thank you!

For more help with configuring your mobile apps, click here.