RankMiner Predictive Voice Analytics

Helping Call Centers Improve Agent Performance and Close More Sales

Rankminer Dashboard Screen

Rankminer Dashboard Screen

RankMiner is a leading pioneer in the field of predictive voice analytics. RankMiner’s products use patented technology to analyze the emotional behavior and tone of speakers in a conversation. They create predictive models of future behavior enabling RankMiner’s customers to improve conversion rates, operational effectiveness and agent performance.

In more simple terms, RankMiner can help you make more sales by helping you to target the right leads. It can also operate as an automated layer of quality control for your agents.

To learn how one of our VICIhost clients increased their sales by over 40% by using RankMiner, click here.

View RankMiner’s Agent Performance white paper to discover how voice analytics can improve your call agent performance.

For more information on RankMiner Analytics, please contact us.

Note: As of September 2020, Rankminer is no longer an operating company.

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